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REINBECK, Iowa –  After 8 p.m. Sunday night several tornadoes roared across Grundy County. One touched down two miles west of Reinbeck.

Chieft Deputy Tim Wolthoff said, “we were fortunate the twister did not hit the town of Reinbeck.” Wolthoff said damage in the county was confined to two homes.  One had some structural damage and huge trees blown over with the tops ripped off, which is a typical tornado signature.

Wally Stensland was in the first house hit. He said he heard on the news there was a tornado by Morrison, he said he lives only a couple of miles east of that town. “I went outside and there it was coming down right at me,” he said. He then ran through his house and down the stairs to the basement. “When I got to the bottom of the steps it was over,” he added.

Stensland said inside his house he felt pressure and that he had never experienced a storm like that before.  His home suffered roof damage and damage to the soffets along his roof, in addition to the trees downed.

After the storm hit, Stensland went across the street to check his neighbor’s home. It was mostly destroyed, and a man living there was found on the sofa among the debris.  The man cannot walk, so an ambulance came in to get him out, he was not injured. His wife escaped the storm in the basement. Wolthoff said their house is pretty much a total loss.

Crews will be on scene cleaning up damage Monday. Authorities are asking people not to come down the road, which is right south of Highway 175 west of Reinbeck.