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PELLA, Iowa — A tornado touched down near Pella and caused significant damage to a farm Sunday evening.

Larry Terpstra told WHO 13 that he had just arrived home to his farm northwest of Pella when the storm suddenly hit around 6:45 p.m.

Terpstra said the tornado destroyed one of his main machine sheds as well as a secondary machine shed. The storm also caused extensive damage to other buildings on his property and knocked over a lot of trees. A farm located to the west also reportedly received some damage.

“We just got home, and it looked like the rain was coming. We were watching the sky and all of a sudden it hit,” said Terpstra. “We heard it and we headed for the basement … We went down there for three minutes and it was gone; it was just calm.”

Terpstra said his farm avoided damage from the tornado that hit Pella in 2018. He’s been farming for around 50 years and has never been hit as hard as this storm Sunday evening.

WHO 13 has received no reports of injuries from the tornado.