TRURO, Iowa — The biggest star of the first rounds of the men’s NCAA tournament this year hails from small town Iowa. Tobin Anderson, a 1991 graduated of I-35 High School in Truro, led his Fairleigh Dickinson Knights to one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history when they knocked off #1 seed Purdue as a #16 seed in the first round.

At Anderson’s alma mater today, it was noted that their school has been getting national attention for several day.

“It’s kind of cool because we can like show how some from our school went to, like the big stage and produced and show what we can do as such a small school,” said Charlie Cannoy, a senior member of the I-35 Basketball Team.

The school is planning to add to the I-35 Wall of Pride.  Anderson’s Dad, Steve Anderson, is already on the wall, as coach. Tobin had been nominated before the past week’s big upset.

 “It’s more than just athletics. It’s academics as well and it really represents our historical context of individuals,” said Brayton Weber, I-35 Athletic Director, “Not always things while they were in school here, but things they did after leaving here, like our current governor is also on here as well, as an I-35 alum.”

Larry Anderson (no relation) was Tobin’s Junior High basketball coach, and athletic director, while Steve Anderson coached the Boys Basketball team to two trips to the state boy’s basketball tournament.

“You know his dad was a big Bobby Knight fan, so offensively, a lot of motion, motion offense and that type of thing,” said Larry Anderson, “Obviously Tobin grew up playing that, so you still see that with Tobin and Steve, really playing tough man to man.”

Anderson said he has not been surprised by Tobin’s success as a coach.

“If anybody was going to do it, you can tell, the whole family has had that that dedication to be a successful, to just keep working at it,” said Larry. “They put hours and hours  in on it, but it’s what they wanted. It isn’t anything  forced on them and they just love to do it, I think it shows up.”

It looks like I-35 Truro will be adding a name to the Wall of Pride next fall. They’re hoping Coach Tobin Anderson will be able to make it home for that event.