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DES MOINES, Iowa — A jury has found 52-year-old Eddie Tipton of Norwalk guilty on two counts of fraud. Tipton was charged with committing fraud to rig the hot lotto game to win millions.

This was not an easy case to prove by any stretch of the imagination. The prosecution admits they lacked direct evidence. Instead, what they had was circumstantial evidence. Assistant Attorney General of Iowa Rob Sand told Channel 13 News after the verdict was announced, “I think that we had a very strong case of circumstantial evidence, so even though there was not direct evidence in the terms of what we can actually show about the computers since it had been wiped clean, they were still able to understand from all of the circumstances, the defendant`s guilt.”

Tipton was the information security director for the multi-state lottery association at the time he allegedly rigged lotto computers to pick the winning numbers. Tipton was allegedly caught on surveillance video buying the winning lottery ticket in December 2010. He was not allowed to play or win the lottery because of his employment. Tipton was accused of passing the winning ticket to a friend and of having someone else try to cash it in.

After the verdict was announced, Tipton’s Defense Attorney Dean Stowers told Channel 13 News, “I think when you have a case where a jury is allowed to speculate as much as this jury was, you`re pretty likely to have this as one of your unfortunate outcomes, and that`s what happened.” Stowers continued his thought, adding, “That`s not to be critical of the jury in anyway, but that`s what occurs when speculation is allowed in the courtroom and we repeatedly objected to the jury being allowed to speculate and engage in conjecture and unfortunately that`s what we we`ve wound up with, is with a verdict.”

Stowers says he does not believe the verdict will stand.