CLIVE, Iowa — Kids across Iowa will be trick-or-treating Sunday or Monday for Beggars Night and Halloween and it’s important they stay safe while collecting candy.

Clive Police Department Lt. Mark Rehberg said it’s important parents keep a close eye on younger trick-or-treaters. Young kids are more likely to get excited and run off, potentially into the street. That’s why it’s also important drivers take extra caution on the roads on Sunday and Monday nights.

“Once that sun goes down it gets dark so when you’re out with the kids just keep track of them,” he said. “If you have a glow stick that you can put on their backs so you can see them a little bit better, that always helps. If you’re out driving, just be aware that yeah, kids are going to be out, they’re going to be crossing the street. They get excited and every now and then one of them will dart out into the street so just as drivers, we need to be a little bit more aware.”

Rehberg said older kids may not need an adult chaperone but they should not trick-or-treat alone. They should go out in large groups and stick together.

He said once trick-or-treating has finished, it’s important parents check their kids’ candy to make sure it’s safe for them to enjoy.

“If you stick with the candy that’s packaged, that’s bought in the store, there really should be a whole lot of concern with that,” Rehberg said. “If you get home and look at the bags that the kids are bringing in, if there’s something obvious that the package has been tampered with, it’s probably best just to get rid of it.”

He said candy that’s factory sealed should be safe.