DES MOINES, Iowa — With April right around the corner, people are already thinking about dusting off those spring toys.

Whether it’s an RV, ATV, lawnmower or something, it’s likely got a battery that been sitting idle all winter.

Ryan Biniak, the Co-Owner of Batteries Plus in Des Moines, said it’s a good idea to get those batteries checked before using them. His store has already received calls about about battery testing.

“It’s free. Bring it in, we’ll be able to test it for the modules, and we actually have a battery tester here as well,” he said. “So, yeah, it takes a few seconds. It’ll tell the exact voltage that it’s kicking out and if the voltage is lower, usually the battery will still start up the unit but you know you’re going to have problems going into the season.”

Biniak said it’s also a good idea for people to clean their batteries. He also recommends they get an automatic charger so they don’t lose juice during the winter.