CLIVE, Iowa — A ticket sold at a gas station in central Iowa that won the $1 Million Mega Millions prize has been claimed, the Iowa Lottery announced on Thursday.

Two long-time co-workers in a mini office pool, Randy Ferriss and Colton Snyder, won the large prize after years of playing the lottery together. Snyder said they only found out they won after another co-worker mentioned that someone in Iowa had won the big prize.

“One of the guys got a notification, it popped up on his phone,” Snyder told the Iowa Lottery. “And he said, ‘Oh my goodness! There was a $1 million winner, and the ticket was sold at Casey’s in Nevada.’ And I said, ‘Wow! That’s where Randy buys our tickets! I wonder if it could be us?'”

The pair said they won the prize with smaller winnings from recent tickets. Synder told the Iowa Lottery they “turned a $2 winner into $1 million.”

Ferris and Snyder plan to keep playing the lottery in the future, but just this one time, they won’t let their winnings roll into the next ticket purchase.

The winning ticket was bought at the Casey’s in Nevada. It was the third sizable lottery prize won in Iowa this month.