ADOPTED EMBRYOS: Family Welcomes Triplets

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This spring, four embryos arrived via FedEx.  On Tuesday, three babies were delivered by C-section.

For 34 weeks, they went by Baby A, B, and C.  Now they are Ezekiel, Malachi, Evangeline born healthy and in that order.  Parents Joni and Luke Timm count the newest additions to their family as a blessing.

“Everybody wants to know what I did and I didn’t do anything.  I keep telling them that God did this all,” says Joni.

“It was a very miraculous event start to finish,” says Luke.

Their story is different from most.  The Timms adopted embryos from a couple in Alaska.

“I think it’s pretty remarkable they decided to go down that road.  They found out they had triplets, they didn’t change their plan.  It didn’t deter them any.  They kept moving forward knowing there was some risk involved,” says Dr. Neil Mandsager at Perinatal Center of Iowa.

The triplets grew to around four and a half pounds each.  They don’t need oxygen or feeding tubes, but are still being closely monitored in the NICU.

“They usually spend one to two weeks when delivered at this point of the pregnancy in the hospital so it will be touch and go whether they make it by Christmas,” says Mandsager.

When they do go home, they’ll join an older brother and two big sisters who can’t wait to meet them.

“The theme that we have kind of come up in our family is that we are grafted together.  These adopted babies and the ones that are of our family of a natural heritage and that’s one family,” says Luke.

A family that nearly doubled in size.

“We have help.  We don’t have the staffing like they do here,” says Joni.

“We go from pros to volunteers, but our Grandmas are pretty pro,” adds Luke.

You can follow along with the Timms on their journey raising triplet on their blog.

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