TikTok’s ‘Devious Licks’ challenge led to vandalism at Johnston park, police say


JOHNSTON, Iowa — The viral TikTok challenge called the “devious licks” had made its way into the community. The challenge encourages high school or middle school students to steal or damage school property.

Recently, the Johnston Police Department believes vandals targeted Terra Park. According to a Facebook post, vandals stuck bread into the electrical outlets and damaged the bathrooms and the water fountain.

Juveniles could face a felony charge and get their cellphone seized if caught, according to the police department.

“Most TikToks are done on the phone, so your phone then becomes evidence. We will seize the person’s phone, we will put a search warrant out on the phone,” said Johnston Police Lt. Tyler Tompkins. “We will look through that person’s phone to recover evidence for that crime.”

Police are asking parents to talk with their kids about this challenge.

Although TikTok has banned the challenge from its app, users can access it by purposely misspelling the words.

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