IOWA CITY, Iowa — A ticket fiasco broke out on Twitter Wednesday night between the Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball team and the University of Illinois fan organization after Iowa voided 200 tickets the organization purchased for the Saturday game.

Orange Krush, a student-run charitable organization for the University of Illinois, took to Twitter to announce that their annual road trip to cheer on their team was canceled after Iowa informed them that all 200 tickets purchased for the upcoming Iowa vs. Illinois game were voided.

Orange Krush released a statement saying in part:

“It is disappointing, without a doubt, that we will not get to be there in person to see the game this Saturday. However, we take it as a great compliment that the Orange Krush is a strong enough section to be so feared that an opposing athletic department is willing to sacrifice $5,400 and ruin a sellout in order to turn us away.”

Orange Krush

In response to Orange Krush’s statement posted to Twitter, the Iowa Athletics Association released a statement of their own on the Iowa Men’s Basketball Twitter page explaining the decision to void all the tickets purchased by the organization.

According to the Iowa Athletics Department, the tickets were voided due to the discovery of Orange Krush purchasing the discounted tickets under the guise of an Illinois Chapter of the Boys and Girls Club.

In following up with that organization, it became clear this was not factual. When contacting the individual who made the original ticket order, they admitted to falsely ordering tickets under the non-profit organization.

Iowa Athletics Department

On Twitter Orange Krush claimed they lost nearly $6,000 due to the voided tickets, non-refundable charter busses, and hotel reservations.

Iowa Athletics refunded Orange Krush the ticket order and donated the tickets to the Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids.