This week’s rainy forecast could help and hurt Iowa farmers


CARLISLE, Iowa – Rainfall is predicated for Central Iowa this week, and it could have both a short-term and long-term effect on farmers. The week’s rain could benefit next year’s crop season but it could negatively affect farmers currently in the middle of harvest.

Iowa State University Assistant Professor and Extension Cropping Systems Specialist Mark Licht say rainfall could harm farmers currently in the middle of harvesting.

“If we get a lot of [rain], I’ll call them wetting and drying cycles here. In the next several days any soybeans that are left in the field [will] start to shatter,” said Licht.

“If we get any high winds then, we can start seeing some of that corn start to lounge a little bit more, and then that would again reduce our yield potential from it.”

However, since the state is experiencing a drought, this week’s rain could be helpful for next year’s harvest.

“Looking at the forecast, you know, we have chances for more rain and as we get more rain, and then as drought conditions will continue to deteriorate, and then that will ultimately mean that we’ve done a lot of soil moisture,” said Licht.

Farmer Mike Penick lives in Warren County. He says that he has finished harvesting his crops, and he is looking forward to the rain.

“We need the rain, especially for next year,” said Penick.

“When you’re harvesting the grains, you don’t really want it because you want to keep harvesting, but it will definitely help for next year because we’re so dry.”

Licht says soy and commodity corn are two crops that this week’s rainy forecast will impact.

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