Thieves Hack Free Postal Service, U.S. Secret Service Issues Warning

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DES MOINES, Iowa–  The holidays aren’t always a time to relax for the U.S. Postal Service —  it means 16 billion deliveries between Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day.

Far too many of those deliveries end up in the hands of thieves. Some packages are stolen off door steps before the owner can get to them.

Now, crooks have a new way to steal, they’re tapping into Informed Delivery. It is a free service provided by the postal service.

The service offers an early look at an important package that’s being delivered to your home.

According to USPS more than 13 million people registered for Informed Delivery.

But cyber security expert Tom Conley says it’s the ones who are not signed up who are targeted.

“The problem is a weak authentication the issue is that someone can sign up it asks for basic information,” Tom Conley said. “That’s publicly available information so it’s really easy to get into those accounts.”

Once that is done hackers have access to all your personal information.

According to an article on KrebsOnSecurity the U. S. Secret Service issued an internal alert warning saying multiple field offices have reported crooks are using informed delivery to steal identity and credit card information.

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office says the office has not received any fraud reports related to Informed Delivery.

USPS released a statement which says in part, “The fraud referred to is a matter of identity theft that has already been perpetuated by a criminal. Postal service customer identities` are not compromised by using the informed delivery feature”.


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