TAMA, Iowa — “The Wall That Heals”, a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is coming to Tama.

The Meskwaki Settlement School is hosting the display and will be open to the public for free 24-hours a day. 

“The Wall That Heals” honors the more than three million Americans who served in the U.S. Armed forces in the Vietnam War and it bears the names of the 58,281 men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.

“There’s something very special about being able to bring this memorial to local communities, not everyone is able to make the trip to D.C. you know, whether financially or emotionally can be very taxing,” said Julianna Blaylock, “The Wall that Heals” Site Manager. “Being able to bring it in and build it essentially in everyone’s backyard, they have an opportunity to come visit in their hometown.”

The Principal at Meskwaki High School had only been on the job a few years when he was asked to help bring this exhibit to the school here.

“As a new person, I’m not sure if I was able to take on the challenge,” said Clyde Terrance, the Meskwaki High School Principal.  “As a veteran myself I knew it was something that I had to take on because as far as Veterans out here, they are really looked upon very highly.”

Tony Waseskuk is a Meskwaki native who served in Vietnam.

“It’s just a matter of patriotism for my country and for my tribe you know,” said Waseskuk. 

“The Wall That Heals” will be at the Meskwaki School from Thursday through Sunday at 2 pm. It is open 24/7 while it is here.