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CONNECTICUT  —  You may have heard of bacon on a donut, but what about pizza?

West End Bistro in Connecticut is combining two of the greatest junk foods, and it’s going viral! FOX 61’s Matt Scott looked into the latest food trend that’s getting people talking.

Long-time chef Jeff Lamberti said the idea didn’t come to him in the kitchen.

“I went to bed, had a dream about pizza and donuts, woke up, came to work, and made a pizza donut,” he said.

After a few tries, he was finally successful, and posted a photo of his creation that went viral. The numbers of views went up every 24 hours, leading to hundreds of thousands of views, and now hundreds of orders.

“In the past weekend we did over 200,” said Lamberti. “I didn’t think that it would take off the way it did.”

The creation is made with a focaccia dough stuffed with Italian cheeses, formed into the shape of a donut. Then the dough is fried and “frosted.”

“Now we’re gonna hit it with the Sunday gravy,” said Lamberti, covering the donut in sauce.

After a quick trip into the oven and a garnish of greens, it’s ready to be devoured.

The orders are even coming from out of town, but so far the critics are not; pizza and donut lovers alike seem to seem to be enjoying the new food!

The bistro is also busy coming up with more new ideas, including its latest called the Notorious P.I.G., a.k.a Piggy Smalls. The dish involves a lot of pork, hot sauce, and scrambled eggs on a pretzel roll.