The Palms Theatres and IMAX Now Open in Waukee

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WAUKEE, Iowa — A new theater with a big screen is opening in Waukee.

The Palms Theatres and IMAX  is located just off Hickman Road. It includes an IMAX theater with an 80-foot screen that will play the latest Hollywood films.

The facility also includes more traditional screens with luxury recliners.

Owners say it’s been a long year waiting for the theater to open.

“We’ve had some challenges this year with weather. We’ve had challenges with getting logistics together. It’s been a struggle to finally get everything put together, but we’re very thrilled and happy that we’re finally going to be doing a partial opening,” said Russell Vannorsdel, vice president of Fridley Theatres.

The IMAX and the seven theaters will open Friday night. A restaurant and bar are also under construction.

Palms is located at 200 NE Westgate Drive in Waukee.

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