The Palms Theatre Open For its First Christmas Ever


WAUKEE, Iowa– Many attractions are closed on Christmas day in Des Moines. The one place that is always open however is the movie theatre. This is because many families make going to the movies a holiday tradition. For others, the theater is just the perfect escape on Christmas day.

“I think it’s good to get out of the house, there’s a lot of people at a lot of holiday functions and sometimes you know, it’s a lot,” Moviegoer, Rachel Small said.

The new Palms Theatre in Waukee opened in January and they knew they wanted their doors to be open for Christmas. So General Manager, Alison Meyer, said they’ve been preparing for the holiday traffic since early fall. Meyer said they expect 3400 movie goers to come to Palms Theatre on Christmas. This is why they hired extra staff to help with ticket sales, to make sure the theater remains clean and concessions remain fully stocked. Meyer said Palm Theatre wanted to ensure that its customers had the best holiday experience.

“So folks want to find a way to have all the comforts of home and a movie theater. So we’ve added the recliners, full restaurant and bar options. And then eight of our theaters, are the dine in cinemas, so that we can order from your seat have everything delivered and really get the full experience there,” Meyer said.

According to customers, Palms Theatre’s hard work paid off.

“I mean first impressions looks amazing. It’s nice and clean. The staff is really nice so we’re excited to check it out and I’m sure we’ll be back,” Moviegoer, Julie Bowie said.


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