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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Thursday night President Obama took executive action to fix what he calls, “a broken immigration system.” However, that announcement came as bad news for one Marshalltown family who says an illegal immigrant turned their lives upside down.

Mona Kilborn and her family were on their way back from visiting her son when their mini-van was hit.

“We rolled completely, we were going Northbound, we ended up facing Southbound we had rolled completely and were back up on our wheels facing the other direction when we woke up,” says Kilborn.

The driver that hit the Kilborn’s blew through a stop sign broad-siding their mini-van.

“When I woke up Mom was dead and my husband and dad were critical and the teen we were with and I were on the other side of the van we were less critically injured. That was the beginning of the nightmare, “ says Kilborn.

Kilborn said her mom, Margaret Heintz was dead at 90 and the driver who hit them was an illegal immigrant from Mexico driving on a fake license with a felony meth conviction.

“We were angry, we know there are legal ways to come to the U.S.” says Kilborn.

Kilborn said it was even harder because the woman who hit them faced no consequences except for being sent back to her own country.

“Had a citizen hit us there might have been some recourse, as it was this lady was deported and is very likely back in the U.S. because there is no border security. We never got to see her we never faced her in the court of law nothing,” says Kilborn.

Kilborn said she just wants the government to enforce the rules on the books and thinks President Obama is overstepping his authority.

“He`s is the head of the executive branch of our government, laws are supposed to come out of the legislative branch of our government. So as far as I’m concerned it`s unconstitutional what he has decided to do,” says Kilborn.

Kilborn says she’ll keep fighting against immigration reform in hopes that in the future no other family has to go through what hers did.

“I think she deserved to live out her lifetime instead of someone killing her,” says Kilborn.

The Iowa Minutemen State Director Robert Ussery released this statement on the issue,

“President Obama’s executive order granting ‘relief from deportation’ was unconstitutional like the rest of his executive orders. Secondly, the millions of work permits that President Obama plans to give out will significantly impact American workers who are struggling to find work. Finally, President Obama should be impeached. President Obama not only has not protected our border, he has encouraged more illegal immigration by his actions. According to a FAIR report, 37,472 unaccompanied alien children have breached our southern border. If alien children can breach our southern border, so can terrorists.”