DES MOINES, Iowa – A Disney classic returns to the Des Moines Civic Center stage Thursday night. 

It takes a lot of manpower and hours to bring the musical to life. 

“This tour of the Lion King travels with 17 semi-trucks,” Janet Albanese, director of production and building services at Des Moines Performing Arts, said. “In those trucks, this show brings everything. They bring their curtains, lights, sounds, costumes, amazing props and puppetry.”

The Civic Center had to make room too. One hundred stagehands and a construction crew removed about 160 seats to make two aisles for the performers to travel through.

On stage, 49 cast members are needed to bring the 200 puppet animals to life.

“So the show is the storytelling magic of Disney,” Albanese said. “The way they do this is with really innovative costumes that show these characters, these animals in breathtaking silhouettes and colors. Your fantasy can go crazy with what was going on in the Savanna with these animals.” 

The Lion King runs at the Civic Center through April 16. Tickets are still available, you can purchase them online or by calling the ticket office at 515-246-2300.