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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa State Fair has tallied the votes online for the ‘Peoples Choice’ best new Fair Food.

‘The Finisher’ was selected, a giant baked potato stuffed with meat and cheese. The presentation was made by the Iowa State Fair Board to The Rib Shack, the creator of this new food delight.

“Baked potato and we got a barbecue rub, next layer is a big scoop of brisket, mac & cheese, pulled pork barbecue, and also sour cream and then the green onion,” said Rib Shack owner Joni Bell. “We just tried to come up with something with all of our products on this trailer, say something simple and made a great base to let you know who doesn’t have a great potato.”

This day was also a big day for Cattle Shows at the Iowa State Fair. Around 480 kids entered in the competition from all over the state, there were over 1,100 cows entered to the show.

“I have a passion for kids,” said Bruce Jones who runs the 4-H Beef Show for the Iowa State Fair. “Yesterday we showed the heifer side and selected five supreme champions, today on the market side of the market steers.”

The show was scheduled to award some of the exhibitors with cash rewards for the efforts at a program late this afternoon.

Stopping by the Cownie Cultural Center, there is the Des Moines wood turners using a lathe to make pretty pieces out of wood.

“We have classes for our members, we start with the basics,” said Tom Whalley of the Des Moines Wood Turners. “The beauty of wood turning, you don’t need an entire team of people to do that, this is an individual sport.”

Also in the Cownie Center is the Photo Salon, some of the best of Iowa photographers. The show gets almost 2,200 entries, but can only select and display 635 of the best photos.

Also in the Cownie Center, a Lego Art Display, consisting of a lego butter-like cow, and a lego map where people can use Legos to show where they are from.

At the annual Cow Chip Throwing Contest Lou Sipolt of Iowa Live took the top prize for the second year in a row with a throw of 87 feet.