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Executive Director of Progress Iowa Matt Sinovic sat down on The Insiders to talk about the state’s employment numbers.  New numbers were released last week which showed that unemployment dropped one-tenth of one percent in the last month down to 4.6 percent.  Last year at this time, the unemployment figures stood at 5.1 percent.

Sinovic said that the job numbers provided are very misleading because the figures only count job gains, not job losses.  The numbers also do not factor in income growth, Sinovic said.  He added that if someone lost their job and then found one that pays equal or less than the position they had before, these new numbers would only count the new job, not the loss of the old and potential income discrepancy.

Sinovic said that Gov. Branstad the job figures that are provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics along with economist’s numbers show the jobs added by Gov. Branstad to be around 48,000.  The job numbers that Gov. Branstad touts, on the other hand, are typically upward of 120,000 new jobs, Sinovic said.

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