The Insiders: Derecho and COVID-19 Pose Dual Harvest Threat in Iowa


Iowa — At long last, residents of Dallas county finally … almost … have a new jail.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has patiently been waiting through delay after delay in construction of their state-of-the-art new facility. Its still not quite ready for its first tenants. WHO 13 took an exclusive tour of the facility.

Millions of acres of Iowa cropland lay flattened the derecho storm that hit on August 10th, packing winds up to 140 miles per hour. It is still uncertain how much of that corn and soybeans can be salvaged during the harvest. But that isn’t the only concern this harvest season.

Dave Price speaks with Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel, CEO of the non-profit Proteus, about how COVID-19 will affect the harvest with an influx of seasonal workers.

Sadly no one was able to cast a kernel in-person in 2020 with the Iowa State Fair canceled due to the unchecked COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s vote went online instead. Joe Biden was the big winner back in 2019 against the biggest field of candidates we’d ever seen. Dave Price takes us on a trip through that race one more time.

Mark your calendars. Saturday, October 5th. Senator Joni Ernst and her Democratic challenger, Theresa Greenfield, will meet for a debate here on WHO 13. Dave Price has the early details.


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