The Future of Iowa: How World Events Are Shaping Iowans’ 2020 Decisions


Iowa — There’s no doubt most of you would like to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror. We’re just over a month away from a highly contentious election that highlights growing divides in America. We’re stuck still in a pandemic that has crushed the economy and killed 200,000. Racial unrest is fueling protests on America’s streets and tropical storms and wildfires fueled by climate change are occuring at a record pace.

But as we wait to put 2020 behind us, where do we as Iowans want to see our state and our nation go next and how do they expect this election to make that happen? WHO 13’s Erin Kiernan and Dan Winters set out to answer those questions in a special report on ‘The Future of Iowa’.

The search for answers began at the busiest place in the city of Des Moines, Gray’s Lake. We pressed park-goers to share their concerns heading into election day.

Dan Winters welcomed two former Iowa campaign veterans from each side of the aisle, Jessica Vanden Berg and Jimmy Centers, to assess the state of campaigning in the state and what comes after the election.


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