The Des Moines Social Club Is In Financial Hot Water

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DES MOINES, Iowa– In five years, the Des Moines Social Club has gone through almost as many executive directors and lost millions in revenue.

The Des Moines Social Club relocated to Mulberry street in 2014. The club hosts a variety of art centered events, but financial challenges are forcing the non-profit to call on the community for help.

“Comedy acts and musical acts that come here,” Geneva Klein said. “It’s such a great place that I feel not a lot of people know about.”

Interim Co- Executive Director Neil Salowitz says low prices are creating serious financial challenges for the venue.

“Our costs are out pacing our revenue. So we are trying to figure it out. So one of the things we are looking at is how to raise revenue without impacting our mission which is create community involvement through the arts,” Co- Executive Director Neil Salowitz said.

According to the Social Club’s tax forms, the non-profit lost almost $395,329 in 2017, and In 2016 a $255,136 loss.

In 2015 the Non-profit made $1,585,158.

“Just keeping the lights on paying for trash removal all those little things that aren’t exciting but need to be done to keep the building going do add up,” Co-  Salowitz said. “As we give back to the community through the arts, we hope that our community will give back to us.”

Charles Hoffman-Zinnel is doing just that, his fundraiser aims to raise $1 million.

“The arts in general bring people together we see that with a lot of the art events in Des Moines losing the Des Moines Social Club could have a huge impact,” Charles Hoffman-Zinnel said.

People like Klein are hopeful the community can rally its efforts to help this place she calls home.

“It makes me really happy to see the amount of support we are receiving,” Klein said.

The Social Club says it has about $5 million in assets, most of that being the building itself.

The board is exploring all options to bring in new revenue and says they’re confident they won’t have to close the Social Clubs doors.

The Social Club hosts multiple events each month.

Click here for its events calendar and to donate.


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