The Debate: Should Iowa Require Retailers to Sell Higher Renewable Fuel Blends?


DES MOINES, Iowa — Three factors have made Iowa renewable fuels producers uneasy and that’s led to a push to require retailers to sell a higher concentration of biofuels.

Governor Kim Reynolds wants to increase the amount of renewables in the fuel supply to help the industry that has suffered over the past few years. She favors a statewide renewable fuel standard that would force retailers to offer motor fuel with increased renewable levels.

Two Iowa organizations have opposing views of this plan. FuelIowa–which represents fuel distributors, retailers and transportation groups–opposes the governor’s plan. The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, which represents biofuels producers, supports the proposal.

FuelIowa President/CEO Ronald Langston explains why he thinks the idea unfairly punishes retailers.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw counters with why he thinks the proposal is fair for all involved.


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