DES MOINES, Iowa – Metro organizations are coming together to provide a safe space for youth this summer.

The new initiative is called “The Collective”. Their hub will be at the Salvation Army Des Moines Citadel, located at 1216 East 25th Court.

Al Perez is the student and family director at the Salvation Army. He said they’re going to offer programming and mentoring for middle and high school students.

While this idea has been around for some time, Perez said planning really started taking shape after the deadly shooting at East High School. 

“We really want to provide that kind of safe space for those students to come share what’s on their heart,” Perez said. “Get things that are down deep in their heart to come out and this is the perfect place and space to do it.”

Organizers hope to launch the initiate in July. If you’d like to learn more, call the Salvation Army Des Moines Citadel at (515) 266-3156.