The City of Fort Dodge and Airport is Ready For Messy Holiday Thanksgiving Travel

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FORT DODGE, Iowa – The city of Fort Dodge prepares for another round of winter storms ahead of Thanksgiving travel plans.

According to the city’s Public Works Director, Brett Daniel, its crews cannot lay brine down because the storm is expected to start off as rain.

“Anytime we get rain or a significant amount of rain it washed the brine treatment that we put on the road out. In fact, rather than not even making it work properly makes it detrimental to clean up on the roads,” Daniel said.

Daniel said if the salt brine solution is diluted enough it could freeze and create more travel concerns.

The city plans to lay salt down as the storm comes through Tuesday night with 10 plow trucks and two loader vehicles. However, Daniel said right now the city has only half of the amount of salt it would like in storage.

“We are at about 900 tons. We usually order about 1,800 tons every year. We have more than enough to get through this storm and the next couple, but we are about halfway to what our supply normally is,” Daniel said.

Daniel said a few more loads are expected to arrive next week.

The city anticipates to clear 330 miles when the snow falls.

According to the Fort Dodge Airport Aviation Director, Rhonda Chambers, there are two ways to clear runways at the airport.

“Obviously if it is too heavy we need to use a plow, but once you get that snow off you need to clean that down to the surface for the aircraft so we use brooms,” Chambers said.

At least three people are needed to keep one runway clear of snow at all times.

“It’s our goal as an airport is to make sure our surface is ok for them to come in. Whether they decide to not to come in that’s their decision,” Chambers said.

Chambers said it is up to the pilot and airline whether or not a flight is delayed or canceled. The last flight is expected to arrive Tuesday at 8:40 p.m.

According to the State Climatologist of Iowa a record amount of seven inches of snow fell on November 26th 1952 in Fort Dodge.


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