Thanksgiving 2020 Different For Some


AMES, Iowa — The year 2020 has been different, and that would include some celebrations of Thanksgiving. For Denny and Ginny Burgduff in Ames, quarantine due to COVID meant their kids, and grandkids would not be able to come to their house.

“First I thought oh this is a piece of cake I’ve had a sinus infection worse than this one,” said Ginny Burgduff who was in the 12th day of COVID, but feeling better. “It was like progression every day was an added symptom, a little bit worse, I’m just really thankful that mine hasn’t been respiratory, mine was stomach and body aches, chills ,so I think we’re on the downhill slope.”

That meant the two spent their Thanksgiving alone.

“We had planned for all four of our children and grandchildren to be here today but due to being in quarantine we have to make the best of it,” said Denny Burgduff.

For Eve Lederhouse of Ames, this day was like many past Thanksgivings.

“We’re having a “friends-giving,” we are our families are really from the Chicagoland area, but we’re staying here and having Thanksgiving with two other families that we’ve known for a long time,” said Lederhouse. “We will be making the trip for Christmas, but mostly out of time and extra travel, more than Covid.”

Lederhouse said she sees people doing what they feel most comfortable with.

“There are lots of people that are just staying home by themselves they are the rare ones that are having very large gatherings,” said Lederhouse. “I can’t fault or judge anybody for that, we feel safe in this context.”

Though in good health, Jim and Carol Miller decided to keep distance this Thanksgiving from son and daughter-in-law,

“We’d spend the day over with Jim‘s family, and there’s about 30 people there that didn’t work this year,” said Carol Miller. “So we’re staying home, I’m cooking and we have a neighbor who is by himself so I’m taking him food over to him.”

“It was kind of hard on me for a while, I’m such a people person and being isolated for a while but I realize I know that’s for the best,” said Jim Miller. “I think with this COVID, I think it’s giving everybody a chance to kind of realize what they can be thankful for.”

For Burgduffs the separation was made a little better with some extra love from daughter Anna, and her kids.

“Our daughter and grandchildren made this banner of love, it’s got all their pictures on it, they are bringing a meal over, and my son and son-in-law and daughter are bringing a meal over, can’t I ask for anything more than that,” said Ginny. “This is the tough stuff on me I love holidays, this is our year is to have the whole family here, and to tell my kids no nope, sorry not this year it killed me, it just about killed me.”


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