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Thanks To Truckers With a Free Lunch


NEWTON, Iowa — It was billed as “No April Fools Joke,” an event held on the east edge of the City of Newton. Over the noon hour rows or trucks pulled in near the Love’s Truck Stop, they were greeted with offers of a free meal, and some baked goodies.

“We were driving to Des Moines and there were hardly any cars on the road,” said Jeff Arment of Lynnville’s Smokin’ J’s. “It was all just semis, and it really got me thinking you know this world cannot turn without semi drivers.

So Arment had an idea to sponsor a free luncheon to honor truckers.

“I got a hold of my food provider SYSCO, and a good friend of mine Troy Brand, to ask if they’d be willing to partner up with me.”

The partners helped provide what was needed to get this going, and Arment got the grill fired up.

“We’ve got a pulled pork hamburgers cheeseburgers and brats for around 280 to 300 trucks,” said Arment.

A number of volunteers also came forward to help pass out the food.

“To help the truckers, they keep the world going, keep the country moving,” said Ryan Johnson of Sully.

“Just our family wanted to bless the truckers, the truckers are still going, and we wanted to bless them with that food,” said Abigail Adkison, of Newton.

Kathy Elkins brought her home made cupcakes, and banana bread.

“I’d seen on Facebook, and I thought that maybe I wanted to do that, since my husband’s a trucker,” said Elkins. “Then I saw that Smokin’ J’s was doing it out here so I thought maybe I would join and just give back.


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