Thankful At The Sculpture Park, 2020 Style


DES MOINES, Iowa – Thanksgiving morning in Des Moines, crisp and cool, coaxed people out to stroll about the Pappajohn Sculpture Park in downtown Des Moines.

Alec Johnson of Des Moines and AJ Speck of Denver were walking their dogs. Friends Blake Van Loon and James Howard of Indianola were making Instagram pictures. Minnesotan Jennifer Easton took a break from her drive to Kansas City. Tiffany Floyd, from Arizona, and Josh Moore, a northern Iowan, were out for a walk on their first visit to Des Moines. They all took a few moments to share their thoughts on Thanksgiving in 2020.

Family was the most common thread in those thoughts. Some were visiting family, some were missing family. All were doing Thanksgiving differently this year.

Alec has recovered from Covid19. He thinks his Type O blood helped save him. He’s still sticking close to home and will visit his grandson another time. AJ drove from Denver and is seeing some family but not everyone. Blake is visiting his grandmother without setting foot in her home. And, as James said, “It definitely puts everything into perspective because the little family you do get to see and be safe with, you definitely appreciate it a lot more.”


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