Texas Musician Gets Gift of Sight, Sets Out to Give Others the Same

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TEXAS  —  A few weeks ago, with the help of the community, a blind Texas musician got a pair of new-sight glasses and is now looking to give the gift of sight to others.

Since birth, Robert “Blind Dog” Cook has lived every day without fully seeing the world.

“A lot of babies were exposed to too much oxygen at birth, which caused cataracts. At that time, cataract surgery simply just removed the lenses in your eyes, and I’ve gone without those all my life,” he said.

After seeing the story of new technology helping a young boy see, Blind Dog started doing his research.

“Legally blind people try so many, and some work and some don’t,” he said.

Despite his skepticism, his daughter set up a GoFundMe page to raise the funds needed for a pair of NuEye glasses.

“Within just a couple of weeks we had gone above and beyond our goal.”

NuEyes traveled to give Blind Dog the new chapter of his life.

“I was doing a show here, and I’m looking out at an audience of mostly people I know, but I’ve never seen their expressions before,” he said.

This gave him a new outlook on his music and a new mission in life.

“This was a gift, a blessing for me–there’s no way to do it without paying it forward.”

Blind Dog took the extra money raised and surprised a young teen with the same set of glasses.

“With Parker, it’s literally the difference between reading and not reading,” said Blind Dog.

“There were letters twice that size that he couldn’t see at all. I had the same emotion, but I was thinking, this is not fair,” said the boy’s mother.

For Parker, this means the beginning of a new life, and Blind Dog has succeeded in giving the gift of sight.

“I’m an old guy, I love them. But to a kid, it’s going to be amazing,” he said.

The cost of the glasses is around $6,000.


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