IOWA — The Iowa Hawkeyes booked their ticket to the Final Four in Dallas on Sunday night, and thousands of Hawkeye fans will soon be doing the same. When all those black-and-gold-clad fans arrive, the local ‘I-Club’ will assist in hosting duties.

Estimates are there are around 3,500 UI alums in the Dallas area. The group’s Facebook has over 2,000 followers. There are also I-Clubs in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

Kyle Wick is President of the Dallas Fort Worth I-Club. They have enjoyed the team, along with Caitlin Clark and the season they’ve had.

“Amazing there’s been such an incredible response to the team this year and it’s been a lot of fun,” said Wick. “For us to have them come here to play in Dallas, and a really unique experience for us.”

The I-Club here is working with the University of Iowa to find locations and times to held rallies for the Hawks. The best way to learn what’s going in is to check the DFW I-Club Facebook Page.

Though there are many Hawkeye fans in the area, there are not too many actual Hawkeye athletes here competing.

“We don’t get a lot of opportunities to see Iowa, this is more big 12 Country down here right but we don’t get many opportunities maybe once a year some, golf team, or wrestling last year was here that was awesome.” 

The I-Club in Dallas-Fort Worth has around five different watch locations around town they use to catch football and some basketball. The I-Club is thrilled to welcome the Hawkeyes to the women’s Final Four. They already have another huge Hawkeye event planned the following week, with shirts with Herky shooting baskets inside the state of Texas.

“Because on April 5 we’re doing a large Iowa Event things going on in the week so on April 5, Keegan Murray and the Kings come in town to play the Mavericks,” said Kyle Wick. “For or that event on April 5 Fran McCaffrey, Kenyon Murray, Kris Murray, Connor, McCaffrey, Patrick McCaffrey, and Tony Perkins will be here.”

The event is to raise money for the Iowa Swarm.