Testimony Continues in Terri Supino Trial

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WATERLOO, Iowa – The trial of woman accused of killing two people in Newton in 1983 continues in Waterloo.

Terri Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband, Steven Fisher, and his girlfriend, Melisa Gregory, at the Copper Dollar Ranch near Newton in 1983.

Prosectors said Supino committed the murders while in a fit of jealous rage. The defense is claiming that one of the victims, Steven Fisher, was a drug runner and working for the police as an informant at the time of his death.

In court on Wednesday, the judge ruled that certain testimony about Fisher’s alleged involvement with drugs could not be used in court.

Defense attorneys expressed their frustration with the judge’s ruling. “We are struggling with witnesses who no longer remember and the fact is they’re no longer remembering prevents us from putting forth our defense and our theory of the case,” said defense attorney Jill Ann Eimermann. “That is a direct result of the state waiting 32 years to bring these charges.”
“The delay in this case is attributed to the finding of evidence. Now there was some evidence that the court will be presented with later that was not discovered until 2013,” Jasper County Prosector Mike Jacobsen explained. “I do not believe that is hindering the defendant in any way on putting on their case.”

The trial was moved from Jasper County to Black Hawk County because of pre-trial publicity.


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