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DES MOINES, Iowa — Students with an 8th grade class from Bergman Academy are being hailed as heroes. They were jogging around the drained Greenwood Pond as part of a gym class Thursday when they spotted two dogs, one stuck in the mud and the other by its side.

“It was a pretty short dog. It didn’t have very long legs so it was stuck in there pretty good and it couldn’t get out because its legs were too short,” says student Maev Cleary.

“The dog was right here,” adds student George Holtz, pointing to a hole in the mud, “The black dog was right here and looking at the dog with concern. And then we put this stick down so then we wouldn’t sink in the mud when we tried to rescue them.”

It took some work but the kids finally freed the dog.

“The dogs were really scared at that time. They were like shivering and whimpering and all that stuff,” said student Nate Stenberg. “It was an awesome feeling after they got finished because they saved their lives, so,” adds teacher Cristy Reeves.

And, like any real heroes they’re humble — sort of.

“I wouldn’t say heroes. I guess,” Stenberg says, “If you want to call us heroes I guess you can.”

The ARL tells us the dogs were micro-chipped so they were quickly returned to their owner.