Teens Find Forever Homes Through Adoption

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AMES, Iowa — About 6,000 Iowa kids are waiting to find their forever home. Many of those are teens.

High School Junior Rebekah Mahan says, “I was put in foster care when I was 4, and I moved from homes until I was about 7, and then I got adopted when I was 8.”

Adopted High School Sophomore Dalani Phillips says, “I’m actually really blessed to have this family. I don’t think I’d be the person I am today without them.”

Both teens are now a part of Ruth Buckels’ family. She’s been a licensed foster parent since 1988. She says, “Legally I have 17. I have about 23, 24 that come home on a regular basis, almost every weekend. I probably have another 45,50 that I hear from frequently.”

The ladies will join a group of adoption advocates to raise awareness about adoption and celebrate it as a positive parenting option. The family-friendly Gingerbread Run takes place Sunday, October 26 at Ada Hayden Park in Ames. Proceeds will pay for publicity to promote adoption, but the main goal is to raise awareness.

Diana Baltimore, an adoption researcher with the National Center For Adoption, says, “So we’ve got people out there talking about adoption as a positive parenting option, whether it’s someone who wants to become a foster parent, who wants to adopt, maybe someone is thinking about making an adoption plan.”

Click here to find more information about the run.

You can visit Iowa Kids Net to learn about becoming a foster parent.

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