Teen Who Stood Up To Attacking Bus Driver “Knew What Should Be Done”

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JOHNSTON, Iowa -- When a Johnston school bus driver allegedly attacked a student with special needs last week, other students on the bus video taped the incident.  While the video showed the brutality of act, it also showed one brave teenager standing up for the student. "It's just because of how I was raised basically. I was taught a sense of right or wrong. And I knew that that was really wrong what he was doing."

13-year old Caleb Routt could be seen standing up to the driver, 61-year old Robert Scarbrough,  even as the Scarbrough shouted at him to sit down.  Caleb says the incident started when the student with special needs, 15-year old Christian Suarez, refused to move to the front of the bus.  "The bus driver came back towards Christian and told him to go up front with him. So christian acted like he was going to." Caleb recalls, "He stood up and then he threw his book at him. It was like a notebook."

But Caleb says the driver's response went too far.  "The bus driver turned around and said don't throw stuff at me. And then Christian yells a profanity at him. And after that the bus driver says don't talk to me that way and he ripped him out of his seat and like hit him across the face."

That's when Caleb stood up for the other boy.  "I like didn't think it was right. I was scared but like I knew what should be done and nobody else seemed to be doing it at the time. So I told the bus driver to stop and he told me he said you're next."

But Caleb stood his ground. "After he told me to sit down he just flipped everybody off and walked up to the front of the bus and kept driving."

A lot of people are saying Caleb is a hero for standing up to the bus driver like that. "I've gotten that a lot in school." Caleb says with a smile.  And he thinks he probably is.  "Well, there's different things that describe heroes." Caleb said, "They're not just the people like in movies. They're like people that have moral values and stuff. Like so I guess I just stood up for what I believed in."


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