TECHEL TRIAL: Witnesses Describe Husband’s Demeanor

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The second day of the murder trial for Seth Techel began a few hours late on Friday due to the snow.

Prosecutors say Techel killed his pregnant wife so that he could be with his mistress and avoid paying child support. Defense attorneys say police arrested the wrong man.

The first person the state called was the dispatcher who answered both of the 911 calls made by Techel on that May morning.

The jury listened to the calls. It wasn’t until that second 911 call that Techel told the dispatcher his wife had been shot. By then, three separate emergency crews were already on their way to the mobile home.

The jury also heard from the first two witnesses to arrive on the scene, a paramedic and Wapello County Sheriff’s Deputy. Each described Seth Techel's demeanor that morning.

Paramedic Brian Bennett said, "he was in a state of almost hysterical or panic.”

Deputy Wonderlin added, “he was doubled over. He was bent at the waist and appeared to be sobbing."

Deputy Wonderlin said he ran inside the home to help perform CPR, but they stopped when they noticed the gunshot wound and pronounced Lisa Techel dead.

At that point the Deputy said he asked Techel what happened again, "he told me he was in the shower...that he was getting ready for work. He heard a gun go off ...he ran to the bedroom, noticed that Lisa was just lying there, grabbed his gun, ran to the front door of the trailer and noticed it was open and nobody was around."

Deputy Wonderlin had a camera on his car and microphone on his uniform. The jury also saw that video and heard that audio.


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