TECHEL TRIAL: Jurors Begin To Deliberate

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Seth Techel's future is now in the hands of the jury.

Techel is charged with the murder of his wife, lisa and their unborn child.

In the words of prosecutors, this is a case of “who done it?”   Who shot and killed Lisa Caldwell Techel in her bed last may?  It`s up to the jury to decide whether it was 22-year-old Seth Techel or an armed intruder.

Before the jury left the courtroom to deliberate, attorneys for both sides gave their closing arguments.

Assistant Attorney General Andy Prosser reminded the jury of Techel’s alleged infidelity. “The motive evidence is overwhelming, and we know what that motive was… It was Rachel McFarland.”

The state claims Techel shot and killed his wife to be with another woman.  They say he used a fake email account and trac phone to hide the relationship, then lied about it to investigators.  According to prosecutors, Techel made up an unbelievable story about another shooter to cover up his crime.

But Techel`s attorneys argue a complete lack of evidence in the case- including no fingerprints on the murder weapon. The defense dismissed the state`s motive claiming Techel and a co-worker were just kids texting and emailing.

Defense attorney Steve Gardner said, “they were basing this whole prosecution on a motive that a 21-year-old kid was leaving his wife for a mistress, and it struck me that the mistress wasn`t a mistress.”

Now the only thing left to do is wait and see how the jury of eight men and six women feel about both stories.

Techel is on trial for first degree murder and nonconsensual termination of a pregnancy.  During deliberations, the jury can consider lesser charges- including second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.


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