TECHEL MISTRIAL: Prosecutors Want Third Trial

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Prosecutors are promising a third trial for the murder of Lisa Techel.

Instead of a verdict Friday, jurors ended deliberations with the judge concluding, "the motion for a mistrial made by the defendant, to which the state has taken no position, has not actually resisted, is granted."

The motion was granted after the jury twice informed the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked.

Techel is charged with killing his pregnant wife in May of last year.  His first trial in March ended the same way with the jury unable to reach a verdict.

“I'm disappointed obviously that we weren't able to get a verdict again, sometime that happens so were just going to keep doing our jobs and trying to get justice done,” prosecutor Andy Prosser said.

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The likelihood of a retrial was the only thing that comforted Lisa Techel's family.

They broke down in the courtroom after learning a mistrial was likely and shared their frustrations following the trial.

“We're disappointed but we’re confident that it will be worked out in the future, of course you know we wanted the result today, we wanted justice to be done but we know that it will be done eventually,” Lisa's father, Todd Caldwell said.

“We're told that hung juries or mistrials are pretty rare and its pretty upsetting that its happened to us twice now we don't understand that,” Lisa's step-mother, Amy Caldwell added.

Seth Techel remains in police custody and is still charged with first degree murder.  He will be back in court on November 25th for a bond review hearing.  The defense wants his $750-thousand bond reduced.

The judge could also set a third trial date during the hearing.


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