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DES MOINES – According to the non-profit, in 2021 the average teacher spent $750 out of pocket on school supplies. With inflation this year that number is expected to rise.

Most teachers have Amazon wish lists with school supplies that they need so parents can choose to help. Another way that parents are helping teachers is through booster clubs.

The Ankeny School Foundation is a booster club that has raised money for classroom upgrades in the past. This year they are starting a grant for teachers to apply for up to $1000 for projects that extend learning outside the classroom.

Kara Hogue, the President of the Ankeny Foundation, said that the grant will help teachers fund projects that normally wouldn’t be in the school’s budget.

“it is for innovation and creativity,” Hogue said, “Things that they have ideas to do but the budget and the school doesn’t allow it so they can work with their principal and then submit an application.”

The Ankeny School Foundation plans to hold a 5k run and golf outing fundraiser to raise money for the grants. To learn more about their fundraising efforts visit their website.