TASK FORCE: Group Meets To Discuss Education

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A group charged with getting and keeping good teachers in Iowa was at work Friday.

Governor Terry Branstad put together the task force after legislators failed to pass his proposal to overhaul teacher pay.

Keeping teachers in the classroom has been a struggle. There's been a big turnover of young teachers.

Iowa Department of Education Director, Jason Glass says after about two years teachers become frustrated with the lack of support.

That's where the new leadership program comes in.

“When a new teacher comes in they are very supported and have at their shoulder veteran teachers and a great principal to help them improve and support them through those early years so they can become a veteran teacher,” says Director Jason Glass.

The Governor's task force says a comprehensive plan, offering more compensation and guidance will help attract new talent.

“Whenever someone is given the opportunity to have support and also compensation for the work that they do and they get the growth model I think that's when you have the award-winning program and pathway in the profession,” says Waukee Elementary teacher Molly Boyle.

The question remains still how will the task force come up with the money to pay teachers more while still maintaining student productivity.

One suggestion thrown out today is increasing the number of students per classroom.

“High performing global systems around the world have all made that choice, they willing to make small increases in class size and put that money into educator pay so they can attract and keep the very brightest and talented people in their societies in teaching,” says Director Glass.

Teachers say the comprehensive system will not only help them be more successful but offer a structure for future teachers to follow.

“Most of us who care about teaching are going to stay in teaching this will just help us become better educators for the sake of the children,” says Boyle.

The task force will meet once a month through September.

They will then pass on its recommendations to legislators next session.


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