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Iowa lawmakers are trying once again to change the rules regarding tanning beds. Last year, lawmakers decided to leave the law the way it was but this year, there’s another push to stop those under the age of 18 from using tanning beds regardless of whether they have their parents’ permission.

Staci Cross manages Sun Seeker Tanning in Des Moines. She says the average client is in their 20’s or 30’s, except around high school prom season.

“We see 30 – 40 people and hour when there is something special going on,” says Cross.

Tanners under the age of 18 make up about 2% of the industry and are required to have their parents’ permission to do so.

State senator Herman Quirmbach’s tanning bill passed a sub – committee and will now enter the Senate. His bill would prohibit the use of tanning beds for anyone under the age of 18.

Sun seeker Tanning says the bill could be a way to educate its customers.

“The younger group like the high – schoolers really don`t understand the importance of taking care of your skin,” says Cross.

Cross says if the bill were to pass, it would not harm business because the salon already provides non- UV tanning options, like spray tanning.

A bill that also tried to keep minors out of tanning beds failed to make it through the legislative funnel deadline in the Iowa House.
That could signal trouble for the future of Quirmbach’s bill if it makes it through the Senate.