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STUART, Iowa — An accident involving a tanker carrying propane led to an evacuation in the town of Stuart on Monday afternoon. The evacuation has since been lifted.

The truck tipped over near the corner of Front and Main streets. Fortunately, none of the gas leaked out of it. As a precaution, emergency management crews evacuated a nearby neighborhood. Nearly 30 people who lived near the scene waited out the situation at a nearby church.

The biggest challenge emergency crews faced was tipping the tanker back onto all of its wheels. Crews say that could have been dangerous since they are dealing with a flammable liquid, which was the reason they evacuated people living nearby.

Despite a situation, officials say they got lucky.

“Just the simple fact that it’s not leaking because then it’s such a large area that we might need to evacuate. If the wind was out of the south, it would be blowing it right into town if it was leaking. Pretty much everything that has happened has been on the good side,” said Bob Kempf of Guthrie and Adair Emergency Management.

Kempf says the accident happened when the truck driver took a corner too sharp when turning into a parking lot and ended up in the ditch. The driver was not injured.