WHO 13 NEWS – What happened in Uvalde, Texas is having an impact across the nation. It’s an especially tough topic for kids.

Healthcare professionals say there are things parents can do to help their children process what happened.

“There are going to be many adversities that our children experience, whether it be something as simple as a scraped knee or something as horrific as a school shooting,” Jennifer Stimson, administrator of Blank Children’s STAR and Developmental Center, said. “We can help build their emotional skills and resiliency to be OK in light of these adversities.”

Stimson advises parents to create a safe place to talk and feel, stay calm when talking, and cope through your own emotions so you can help them.

“We’re not robots right? We have our own really big feelings about what happened in Texas and so we need to use our own coping skills to process through our own emotions so we can be there for our children,” Stimson said.

If you think your child is struggling, contact your healthcare provider for additional help.