SWAP MEET: Iowa Gas Show Draws Buyers, Sellers

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It’s about a lot of things…

Technically, it’s called “Petroliana” or “Automobilia”…

“Pretty much anything transportation related,” says dealer, Kim Kokles who drove up from Dallas.

All of the stuff displayed at the Holiday Inn off Fleur Drive was once just marketing…

“And I think that the advertising today is not nearly as creative as some of the things that were done in years past,” says seller, Shirley Beck, of Mediapolis, Iowa.

Today, it’s retro, it’s deco, it’s classic Americana…and it’s hot.

“This is the best show in the country,”says Kenny Boone of Fort Worth, TX.

Some makes you scratch your head…some makes you cringe!

Most makes you wish you’d thought of it first.

“I’m assuming this is going to bring in the $5000-plus range at our auction,” says Iowa Gas Show director, John Logsdon.

It’s now art…an heirloom...worth haggling over.

It’s about stuff you remember from childhood…when it was made in America.

“Very good quality, I see a lot of quality," says Walt fieger, a buyer from Traverse City, MI.

But let’s face it, underneath all the colors and shapes…it’s still about the bottom line.

“There’s always a lot of money, here," Boone smiles. "Iowa and people that come here, evidentally, have a lot of money! And that’s what I like.”

The approach is dated but hardly obsolete…

“When they’re buying it, it’s fun selling it,” Kokles laughs, "and when they're handing me money, I'm happy!"

It was about catching the eye and doing business…and decades later, it still is.


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