SUV SCARE: Elderly Couple Rescued After Accident

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Police and rescue crews worked quickly to free two people trapped in an SUV Tuesday morning.

It happened just before noon near the intersection of 9th and School in Des Moines.

When crews arrived at they found the SUV on its side with 83-year-old Melvin Rouwenhorst and 77-year-old Annie Rouwenhorst, both from Pella, trapped inside. The vehicle was unstable so crews called for special equipment to help stabilize it.

While they were waiting, the medical situation for Melvin, the driver of the vehicle, deteriorated.

“And we realized at one point the driver of the vehicle stopped breathing. So we had to make a decision to enter the vehicle even though it’s not fully stable to get him out and assist him medically, “said Cpt. Joseph Hogan with the Des Moines Fire Department.

Firefighters crawled in through the back window and pulled Melvin out. Once the SUV was stabilized crews pulled Annie out of the passenger seat. Both were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say it appears the SUV ran a stop sign but the investigation is on-going.


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