Suspect in Custody Following Attack in Sweden


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STOCKHOLM, Sweden  --  Four people are dead and several more injured following an attack in Sweden on Friday.

Officials now have a suspect in custody, as CNN's Andy Rose reports.

Authorities are calling the incident a terror attack, and the former prime minister Carl Bildt is comparing it to similar attacks in Europe over the last year.

"It seems to be the pattern that we've been seeing in Nice, Berlin, and London. You hijack a lorry or a car and you drive it high speed into people," said Bildt.

The beer truck the suspect was driving had been hijacked as it made a nearby delivery, according to the company that owns the truck.

Witnesses described seeing the driver plowing through people without slowing down, before crashing into a department store.

"I was leaving my workplace, and when I came out, in the streets it looked like chaos. And then I saw injured people," said one witness.

The driver fled from the truck, prompting lockdowns at Parliament and the city's subway system as police looked for the suspect. Officials said the man they now have in custody matches the description of a person of interest, but have not confirmed if he was the driver.

"Swedish authorities, including police and hospitals are doing everything they can to save lives and maintain our safety," said Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. "We are determined never to let the values that we treasure--democracy, human rights, and freedom--to be undermined by hatred."

Security remains heightened at the country's borders.


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