DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines woman said she is lucky to be alive after a former friend attacked her with a hammer Tuesday afternoon.

Michelle Killen is out of the hospital and back home after 40-year-old Brian Huckfeldt’s arrest for attempted murder.

“I’m telling every single thing that I can tell, because if not, he’s going to kill somebody,” Killen said.

Killen said she and Huckfeldt had known each other for at least fifteen years before the incident occurred.

According to Killen, Huckfeldt broke into her home on East Dunham Avenue and waited for her in her bedroom. She said Huckfeldt quickly turned violent when she came home.

“He said my purpose here is to kill you, and he reached under the blanket and grabbed a hammer,” Killen said.

Killen claims Huckfeldt started blaming her for imaginary incidents, such as altering his brain waves, and then attacked her when she hesitated to reply.

“He’s like, ‘tell me the truth,’ and I said, ‘it didn’t happen,'” Killen said. “He hit me again, so I said ‘it happened,’ so it would stop.”

Killen said she was hit twice in the head and many more times on her legs since she used those to defend herself. She said she has difficulty walking because of her injuries, but she only suffered cuts and bruises from the attack.

This is not the first time Huckfeldt has used a hammer to attack a woman. Online court records show Huckfeldt pled guilty in 2014 to a horrific attack that injured his then-girlfriend Mackenzie Luttrell in October of 2013. Luttrell told WHO 13 she was asleep in the passenger seat of Huckfeldt’s truck when he attacked her, first with his fists, then with a claw hammer.

Luttrell suffered a concussion, some broken ribs, a fractured shoulder, and had 20-staples in her head.

Killen feared Huckfeldt for years, saying she even filed a restraining order against him shortly before he attacked her.

“Two days before this happened, I called the police to get him out of here because he kicked my daughter,” Killen said.

Killen said Huckfeldt should not return to society based on what she experienced and is willing to testify to keep him behind bars.

“It could have easily been any of my kids in here. The whole time he was beating me, the only thing I could think is ‘thank god my kids aren’t here,'” Killen said. “He better never get out, because he’ll kill me.”