ST. CHARLES, Iowa – A local organization is helping Iowans and their families in their fight against cancer.

The Pink Tractor Foundation was created by the Brommels, after they experienced cancer diagnoses and loss in their family. What started as a way to raise money to participate in the Susan G. Komen walk, turned into an annual “Country Carnival” to help other families.

The money raised goes to people in their community fighting their own cancer battles. Since its creation in 2014, Pink Tractor Foundation has given out more than $580,000.

“We’ve always had that deep connection and knew what it was like for families to go through it, and just wanted to help people who are going through that,” Becki Brommel, president of Pink Tractor Foundation, said. “And sometimes it’s not about the money. Sometimes it’s just knowing that people are thinking about you and are just there to support you.”

The next Country Carnival is on June 8, 2024. It’s hosted on a farm at 16315 20th Avenue in St. Charles. There will be food trucks, carnival games, as well as silent and live auctions.

You can learn more at Pink Tractor Foundation’s Facebook page or mail a donation to 3845 G50 Highway, St. Charles, Iowa 50240.