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ADAIR, Iowa– It’s one of the best bike rides in the nation, giving riders a beautiful view of the Iowa countryside.

However, many people living along the Ragbrai route say they’re getting a view they didn’t expect.

There were at times 30,000 cyclists taking part and bathrooms were apparently in short supply.

That led to many homeowners finding out Ragbrai riders aren’t modest.

“She felt like she owned my property she walked right up without any hesitation looked both ways, stretched her back leaned up against the back of my trailer and did her thing,” Adair resident John Eidmann said.

Monday, John Eidmann caught a Ragbrai rider on a home surveillance camera.

“I was shocked actually because I didn’t know if someone was trying to break into our house,” Eidmann said. “Lack of respect for private ownership it’s a trespassing violation”.

Eidmann says his home was two blocks away from public restrooms.

“There was plenty of porta potties in town and I never saw any lines when I was there,” Eidmann said.

Ragbrai left Adair and pedaled West to the small town of Anita.

“I was excited to see the bikers come through,” Anita resident Chanel Edwards said.

But Chanel Edward’s excitement quickly turned into disgust.

“A little further down we notice someone taking a number two in a tree, and by the time I got over there the person just wiped and ran away,” Edwards said.

Edwards says more than 20 different riders used a cluster of trees in her backyard as a restroom.

“I was just so appalled by their actions, I guess I was raised on respect, and that’s not something you do to someone else’s land,” Edwards said.

Although Eidmann says there were some disrespectful riders this year.

Ragbrai isn’t all bad.

“It brings a lot of revenue into these small towns that are dwindling because of lack of business,” Eidmann said.

The Director of Ragbrai TJ Juskiewicz says he was too busy to issue Channel 13 News a formal statement but says in short, “I apologize for the “few bad apples,” and riders have no excuse for not using the restrooms provided by Ragbrai”.