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WATERLOO, Iowa – There was more testimony Friday in the Copper Dollar Ranch double murder trial.

The twin brother of suspect Terri Supino took the stand Friday morning.

Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband and his girlfriend at the Copper Dollar Ranch near Newton back in 1983.

Tim Supino testified that he took his sister to the ranch the night before the bodies were found to talk with her husband, Steven Fisher.  But he says talk was all they did.

He was asked if he went to the ranch that night with Terri and killed Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory and responded, “No I did not.” Tim Supino also testified that his sister, Terri, wasn’t the culprit either.

Tim Supino added that at the time, he didn’t know whether Melisa Gregory was in the camper where her body was found the next morning.

Carol Supino, Terri’s sister-in-law, also testified Friday. She says when Terri and her brother came home the night of the murder there wasn’t any blood on them.

The jury was released for the weekend with strict instructions not to research the facts of the case in any way.

The trial is expected to last another two weeks.